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BiPro® USA releases BiPro BOLD™, a flavor-packed 100% Protein Isolate

BiPro is announcing the release of their new product line BiPro BOLD, a 100% Protein Isolate.  Providing 23 grams of protein per serving the BiPro BOLD line stays true to the lean, clean, protein promise dating back to 'The Original' BiPro, which debuted in 2004. 

BiPro BOLD offers an optimal blend of 70% Whey Protein Isolate and 30% Milk Protein Isolate; which delivers not only both quick and slow digesting proteins, but also a creamy, delicious taste experience. 

Aaron Martin, Director of Nutrition Innovation for Agropur, explains "The high-quality fast and sustained releasing protein isolate in BiPro BOLD offers the perfect protein powder solution.  BiPro BOLD is lactose-free, contains only 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar, and is a source of MCTs and prebiotic fiber.  BiPro BOLD truly provides consumers with a powerful protein solution for any time of the day."

BiPro BOLD notable features and benefits include:

  • MCTs for satiety and energy
  • Prebiotic fiber to promote healthy digestion
  • Sweetened with Stevia and only naturally sourced flavors
  • 2.3 grams of leucine
  • Lactose-free, Gluten Free, Hormone (rBST) Free
  • 0 grams of carbohydrates, added sugar or fat
  • Cold-filtered 100% Protein Isolate

Corrie Drellack, Director of Marketing at Agropur, adds "Consumers are paying attention to what their bodies need and BiPro is there to provide convenient fuel options for individuals and families.  Not only can BiPro BOLD be enjoyed as a traditional shake or smoothie, but we encourage customers to get creative by incorporating protein into morning coffee, snacks and everyday foods.   We are excited to work with ambassadors who speak to the diverse audience BiPro BOLD supports."

BiPro BOLD™ video stories:

The BiPro BOLD product line comes in two smooth and indulgent flavors; Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate Milkshake; as well as Boldly Bare Unflavored. 

BiPro is a consumer brand of Agropur inc.  More information at

About Agropur inc. 
Agropur inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Agropur Cooperative, which is a North American dairy industry leader founded in 1938.  With sales of $6.4 billion in 2017, Agropur is a source of pride to its 3,290 members and 8,300 employees who pursue its vision every day: “Better dairy.  Better world.”  Agropur processes more than 13 billion pounds of milk per year at its 39 plants across North America.