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Ready or Not: Tips to Stay Active Anywhere

If you are returning to the gym, how can you do it safely? 

Many gyms and wellness centers have new cleaning measures in place to kill germs, but there are also some things you can to help protect yourself.  

Keep your hands clean

Hand washing is strongly recommended in any situation, and this includes the gym. A bottle of hand sanitizer will also work in a pinch but be sure to wash your hands before touching your face.  

Carry your own towel

Speaking of touching your face, carry your own towel to wipe away your sweat. Just be sure to use the same side and avoid setting it down on any shared surfaces.  

Keep the equipment clean

While most gyms have disinfectant wipes available already, bring your own and make sure surfaces you plan to touch are wiped down before you use shared equipment, and do not re-use the wipe on another piece of equipment.

Consider wearing a face mask

Face masks are also an option. Although maybe not ideal for a workout, something to keep in mind in close quarters or crowded spaces, or moving between sections of the facility, like the locker room to the equipment.   

Keep your distance

Social distancing at the gym can be difficult, especially during peak workout hours. Check with your gym to see if they are taking reservations. Some locations may be limiting the number of guests and may have this option available for their members. While you are speaking with someone at your gym, you can check on the specific cleaning and safety measures they've put in place at that location.  

If you are not quite ready to get back to the gym or want to spend time outside enjoying the summer weather, here are some great workout anywhere options.

Air Squats

Air Squats are a great way to engage your legs, core, back, and butt muscles all at the same time. 

Focus on keeping your torso upright, shoulders back, and your weight in your heels. Start with three sets of 12-15 reps each.  

Jumping Jacks

A cardio kick-start, doing three sets of 100 jumping jacks a day, only takes a few minutes, and you'll burn around 60 additional calories. There are several variations of jumping jacks to try as well, including high knee jacks, squat jacks, and burpee jacks if you want to mix up your routine.  


Push-ups are another great full-body workout that gets your muscle groups working together. Push-ups are generally associated with upper-body definition but can also help strengthen your core. A strong core promotes better posture. Something helpful to those sitting in front of a computer much of the day.  

Glute Bridge

Another core strengthening exercise that also targets the butt area is the Glute Bridge. This exercise is an excellent alternative to squats if you struggle with knee or lower back pain. Start with four sets of 15-25 reps each.  

Alternating Side Crunch

Alternating side crunches work the obliques and ab muscles. Remember, your abs should be doing the work, not your neck. Start with two sets of 10-15 reps on each side and work your way up from there.  

If you need a little break from your routine or simply need a day off, here are a few creative suggestions to stay active and healthy.

Get a dog

Fido can help! The arrival of a new pet, especially a dog, is shown to increase the owner's activity levels. Your dog can be your accountability friend to get at least a short walk daily. Even if the dog only forces you to get up and let it out without going for a walk, you will have burned more calories than if you sat in front of the television all day. Walking a dog can help burn around 200 calories for every half-hour of exercise.


Gardening and yardwork in and of itself can be a formidable calorie burner. Carry a gallon sprinkling can of water in each hand, and you've got 8-pound dumbbells. Pushing a lawnmower is like walking on a treadmill while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, spend time weeding or mulching your garden and deadhead flowers to promote beautiful blooms all season. August is also a great time to prepare for your fall garden.  

Clean Your House

Cleaning your home or apartment regularly is another way to ensure that you stay active during the week. Dragging around a heavy vacuum isn't an easy task, especially if you are going up and down the stairs. A 150-pound person can burn 85 calories per half-hour through light cleaning, while vigorous cleaning burns 102 calories in 30 minutes.

Wash the Car

Washing your car can burn 135 calories in 30 minutes. Add in a few calf raises to reach the roof of the vehicle and a few squats to wash the tires—you'll get in a quick leg workout while making your car shine.

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