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Fitness Check-in: The 4 Quarter Breakout Method


As we find ourselves about half way through the year, it’s always a good idea to do some self-reflection to check-in on where you’re at with achieving fitness goals. One of the ways I go about setting fitness goals –and actually being able to sustain throughout the year– is to try to break the year down into 4 quarters. The 4 quarter method makes it more manageable to strategically plan and more efficient to attack. Whether your fitness goals are to lose weight, gain more muscle mass or to just simply be in better shape, it starts with having a solid plan. The key to success is keeping your focus on achieving the quarterly goals and having faith that the peripheral rewards will happen in the process. Establishing these small manageable goals, such as, consume XYZ grams of protein per day, will be critical to your overall success. Being able to check-off smaller significant benchmarks will enable you to reward yourself mentally. Having to wait too long to feel like you’ve accomplished anything can diminish your motivation and pull you off track entirely.

It doesn’t matter if your ultimate goal is fitness or something else,I believe establishing measurable goal makes tracking your progression more manageable. For instance, this theory can also transfer well to work life, organization and self-improvement initiatives. You should begin by taking small steps and tracking your progression along the way. While it’s normal that we all seek instant gratification, it’s important to be realistic with the time frame you develop for achieving your goal.  Though it is important to make your goal specific, it’s also important to give yourself permission to alter it as you progress with your fitness journey. For example, you could discover your original goal becomes too tough to maintain because your sights were set too high, or perhaps you’re finding it’s too easy and you can amp it up. What’s important is that you keep goals relativity realistic to your lifestyle, continue to measure your progress and celebrate your achievements along the away. 

If you’re struggling with: being able to define an actual fitness goal, having a tough time evaluating your current fitness level, determining what could be a realistic goal, and/or just feeling overwhelmed about the process, it can be helpful to consult an expert. A certified personal trainer or nutritionist would be a great place to start! To help you embark on your fitness goal journey reference the example 4 quarter breakdown below for inspiration. 

Now go make moves!


The 4 Quarter Breakout Method

Set out to accomplish 4 or more measureable goals per quarter. 


January – March

  • Drink more water 
  • Try to eat greens 2-3 times a week
  • Get more rest (average 7-9 hours a sleep a night)
  • Limit sugar intake 
  • Stretch more
  • Get a workout buddy (accountability partner) 

April – June 

  • Take stairs when available 
  • Consume XX grams of protein per day – BiPro® makes some great options, check out our Protein Calculator for help determining what you need!
  • Go outside more (Vitamin D from the sun is good for the body – shoot for at least 15 mins a day)
  • Say “Bye, Bye” to sugary drinks (sodas and energy drinks) – opt for clean options instead  
  • Do something active every week that calms you
  • Schedule workouts in your calendar

July – September 

  • Aim for balance (Working out way too hard and way too constantly without proper time to rest and recuperate can lead to burnouts and mood changes)
  • Track your fitness progress
  • Reward yourself with compliments daily
  •  Perfect your form 
  • Try one new healthy recipe every week
  • Drink more water

October – December
(Holiday Season)

  • Remind yourself why?
  • Do more meal preps on Sundays – Color-coded containers can help! 
  • Don’t let guilt get you – enjoy your time with friends and family over the holidays
  • Try one new work out a week
  •  Write goals for following year 
  • Pat yourself on the back for finishing the year STRONG

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